There’s no better competition than yourself. I firmly believe that. We live in times that could make you go mad just trying to keep up, one up, size up the next one. I reject that mind set of believing that everyone is my competition. They are not. I am my own unique and authentic self and I carry around my unique set of goals and aspirations. While someone may feel that they are competing against me in some area of their life, I hate to disappoint them – I am oblivious. *Shrugs* Whatever the next person is doing or striving to do in their lives, I can only sincerely wish them well along their journey.

But as for me, from day to day, week to week… I look forward to pushing my own limits. I don’t want anything easy. I want it right! I want the satisfaction of knowing that I did my best. I can’t do that looking around to see what everyone else is doing – I stay in my own lane and think “How can I freak this?” And then I work to do that. No one can take the satisfaction from me. I know “I did that!” And I did it for me.

Go be great Beloved and do you while you’re at it!.


This is a tale of two Wednesday Evening runs down/up Day Creek in Rancho Cucamonga. 😧 The elevation is a blessing and will make you curse! 🤣🤣🤣 I just knew I could do better than last week – I felt like I was and I did! There’s no better feeling than trying your best and finishing!

I #run for #me, #health , #wellbeing, #balance, #confidence , #challenge, #focus, #peaceofmind, #family, #momlife #fitmom . I run with #determination, #sass , #pincurls , and sometimes #redlipstick #40something #fitmom #instarun #runmamarun #stravarun #sgrhofit #sgrhosrun #poodlesrun


Have you ever heard of the 21/90 Rule? Essentially, no matter the area of focus in you’d like to improve, if you practice discipline in that area of concern for 21 days you can form healthy habits. Continue that same discipline for 90 days, you’ll then embody a lifestyle.

What does that mean for your health, wellness, and fitness journey? I hate to sound like a cliché but to state the obvious it means there’s nothing to it but to do it! Incorporate healthy habits into your life – diet, activity, rest, mindfulness, etc. For 21 days – just start now! Make time to make it happen! Next thing you know, you’ll feel out of sorts when you’re not practicing healthy habits. 90 days later… there’s no way you’ll want to miss practicing your healthy ways because you’ll have noticed results!

To make this real for you, consider my journey. Two years ago this month, I made a decision to focus on my health and wellness and made time to engage in a simple activity I’d never been interested in – running. At 42 (2016), I began running 3 days a week with a goal to “teach myself” to run. After 9 weeks, I went from 0 to 3K and now 7 miles is my sweet spot. The following February (2017), I added weight and strength training to my routine. In all, I committed to 5-6 days of physical activity also making sure to eat healthier meals. I achieved results I didn’t plan for but readily embraced.

Today, I’m still maintaining my gains very well. I love what I see and how I feel so I’m not of a mindset to ease up. There it is. Thank you for reading this. It’s a little longer than my usual posts but I hoped to encourage a Woman and/or Mom out there who is wondering “Where do I start?” Sis, the answer is simple – start at the beginning. I wish you much success in your journey. Hit me up if you have questions or need motivation. You can absolutely do this!

I’m a #40something #woman #mom trying to #balance it all between #family and #career and myself. #workingout and #running for #health , #wellness , #balance , #challenge, #confidence and #peaceofmind Sometimes with #pincurls and #redlipstick Always with #fun and #sass . #fitmom #sgrhoslift #poodleslift

I move through this World loving life and those close to me quietly, calmly, loyally, vibrantly, passionately. Like what I like. Love what I love. Love who I love. Love how I want.

Be you. Beloved, do you.

It is what it is. You do you without judging me…I love it. We can operate in our own space and in our own ways without imposing on one another. This universe is big enough for your passion, dreams and mine.

Be you. Beloved, do you.

Hearts are uncaged. Spirits and minds free to imagine life’s possibilities in mutually supportive ways and actions. That’s why we come back to one another – the care and respect shared bring peace and restoration to us both.

Be you. Beloved, do you.

“What are you dreaming of today Beloved? And by the way, Did you eat? How was your day?”

Tell me your aspirations. I want to hear them. If they had a feel, they would be fuzzy. I want to touch them because they came from you. I want to cherish and hold them close for a while but I will let them go…let you go to make them reality.

“Let me know what role you want me to play. I’m flexible…as are you. If none, selah. May it be well with you until I kiss your face later this evening.”

Be you. Beloved, do you.

My spirit tells me we are connected so I am comforted knowing you will be back. The trust is reliable and dizzying at times… solid and amorous. Steady attraction. I go about my days confidently – shoulders straight, head up, walking around to my own personal soundtrack. I got this Life thing down.

Be you. Beloved, do you.

While you do you, I have my own passions to imagine, chase, and execute – sometimes I’m clumsy about it and other times more organized. You are there, soul and body, at the ready – open to help or let me find my way. You read me well but prefer I holler if I need you to offer advice or jump in to help – For that, I adore every part of you.

Be you. Beloved, do you.

There’s room for us both to operate in our personal and shared destinies. We make space to allow us to be us. We respect that which makes us, us. We appreciate the beauty of our individuality – when we come together, it’s amazing. For that Beloved, I adore every part of you.

Be you. Beloved, do you.

I’m no angel but I may be the angel you need at the moment you most need one.

Be careful of my wings and my sneakers, although I’m strong I beg you don’t crush, ruffle, or scuff them.

Far from perfect but…

…my heart is golden
…I express compassion for others
…I am fiercely protective
…I have a high tolerance for pain
…I like whiskey… neat
…I am ever curious and inquisitive about the World
…I offer my seat to the elderly, different-abled, pregnant women without being asked
…I can not be told that I don’t dance like Beyonce
…I am genuinely interested and dedicated to bridge building
…I think anything lukewarm (coffee, baths, relationships) is gross and useless
…I give firm handshakes while looking you in the eye
…I love a hearty laugh that makes me tear up
…I am a hopeless romantic
…I prefer the red spicy salsa
…I am hard working
…I am an overcomer
…I will get down on the ground to play with children and dogs
…I have helped others selflessly and been hurt by those same people
…I am moved by sunsets
…I have self healed many a broken heart and kept on moving
…I am more amiable after coffee
…I am forever hopeful and optimistic

On the outside looking in, It seems like I overlooked you. I didn’t. You know full well. You stay squarely on my mind but life happens in so many directions demanding my attention, energy and focus. You – patient, steady, constant are unassuming – There. Your quiet presence in my spirit brings me peace. No matter the task, you are in my thoughts. Even when your are far away, you are nearby. Even in the act of checking off “To-Do” list items you occupy a space I want you to hold down. I won’t give it away easily. There. You never demand anything of me nor do you judge. Confident and assured… I know you watch me flow and handle life – keep looking. You’re invited. In your easy way, you do don’t worry or doubt that when the moment presents itself, I’m coming back to you. Confident and assured… Surprisingly, you comfort me with your unique refreshing ways. Time is fleeting. You don’t waste it by trying to wrestle it from insecure and unfounded feelings. When the moment presents itself, you welcome me as if you just laid eyes upon me a few blinks ago. No time for formalities…we jump into, Us as only we can. It is our way – defined for and by Us. The last “need to get done” and “must give ear to” is checked off… I did not forget… You are always ready for me, and I you. Beloved, since our days don’t hold the weight of eternity, know deeply that whether it’s hour one or sixteen, day three or week seven, I will return to you when the moment presents itself. Stay as confident and ready as I am to make you my priority.



Here’s to 2nd grade (I think 1980). One-sided ponytails secured with ball bands, jumpers and turtlenecks, yellow “gold” chains, white knee socks likely tinged with beige from the sand box, Buster Brown kicks, jump rope, handball, monkey bars and jungle gyms. /// Here’s to cafeteria pizza rectangle magic, juice in a carton, coffee cake, reading groups, playing the triangle, walking home from school with a PB&J on my mind. Watching Hanna Barbera/Scooby Doo/Richie Rich/The Flintstones& The Jetsons. Mom’s hamburger gravy with mashed potatoes and french green beans. Seconds. ///Here’s to evenings spent watching the Facts of Life/Diff’rent Strokes/Benson/Fantasy Island/Laverne and Shirley/Dallas/The Jefferson’s/Three’s Company and the Love Boat. Evening baths with Mr. Bubble then tucked into bed – no cares in the world. Rest was easy. Blessed. #childhood #memories #kidsbeingkids #growingupinthe80s #nostalgia #80s #growingup #80stv #goodtimes #30poemsin30days #NationalPoetryMonth

My sweet handsome boy… I hope you will come to realize one day that you are loved above and beyond everything. You are a treasure. A light. Hope. Our future. You are stronger than you know – a Conqueror. Overcomer. Warrior. Within you is the power to change the World for the better. We need you. Your dreams. Goals. Your voice and presence will make us all better off. Though life shakes us from time to time… though we question our being… always trust that you are no accident. Worthy. Here on purpose with a divine assignment that no one but you can execute. You have everything within you to rise above. Embrace God who dwells within you. Hold tight. Trust your shine. Be golden. Walk with your shoulders back. Head high. Recognize that you are a King.



There was a partially torn page in my notebook that I hated to see wasted. I jotted down my phone number on the piece that no longer remained to give to a rarely seen acquaintence who has yet to contact me. I’m good with this – not having a call from or message to respond to. I wasn’t in the chattiest of mindsets that day. Almost automatically out of a sense polite obligation, I suggested I give my number to “catch up”. What was I thinking – operating under some ritual? Perhaps the surprised small talk unnerved me to the point of mechanical niceties. Sigh. I should not have done that when I knew I wasn’t of the mindset to entertain future chit chatting with this soul. They may have sensed my halfhearted gesture for which I can’t blame them for not feeling enthusiast to reach out to say “Hey! It was good to see you!” I can be an ass. I own it. I would have been much more gracious had I offered “Well, it’s great to run into you! I’m sure I’ll see you again around here. Take good care!” and left it at that. Now I have this scrap sheet in my notebook to prove how detestable I can be at times. Now I have this scrap sheet of paper.



It’s just my way to find out about something amazing like #30poemsin30days after it already started but here I am. How can I be late for everything cool on a constant? It seems to me that this life of mine refuses do anything on time unless it really needs to (like catching a train or plane or paying a bill… meh very necessary). But just maybe I should embrace my carefree ways and think of this thing in a different way – maybe I’m not late to the latest and greatest whatchamacallit. Maybe I’m right on time in my own way. I live my life on my own terms and schedule so maybe when I finally get word of a thing being a thing, it’s not really a thing until show up for it. Perhaps. Same with this post – is it a poem? Why not? It’s my voice in my own way, my own time and place.

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth ! Happy writing and reading!

[may you find some entertainment in my misfortune]

I had a bad cup of coffee yesterday. Since I was grabbing a sandwich for lunch later in the day, I thought “Meh, why not?”. Worst cup of Joe in a long while. The coffee didn’t change colors after pumping three creamers into it.

As serious a coffee drinker as I am, even I was worried for my well-being. I clutched my chest and said “Well Lord, if I die by the clutches of this strong coffee…thank you for everything”. I dumped three more creamers into the coffee…still looking muddier than ever. I showed the young Lady behind the counter how unsuccessful my efforts were to turn that strong arse coffee to my favorite shade of caramel but she hunched her shoulders and looked totally unbothered. I was really risking my life here but as a coffee addict, I was really all in at that point.

I took my cup of risk to the subway and sipped pensively all the while thinking “This is really gross.” Sipping continued. Don’t judge me.

I arrived at work thinking I may have chanced ten sips on the subway ride. I thought that I could doctor up the cup of disaster with the fancy office coffee creamer because French Vanilla covers a multitude of botched java jobs. Imagine my sadness as I poured the good stuff into that pit of despair. The creamer did some weird bubble up, fizzy thing and gave up the ghost! Not only did the coffee not turn color, it also did not change flavor! That bit of defiance unnerved me.

There was no way that I was gonna mess with that cup of sorrow any longer. So I dumped it…with a great sense of indignation taken out on the pour.

Bad thing is that that was my first cup of coffee of the day and I really sipped about an inch worth from that cup. I thought I could get a replacement cup to make up for my misfortune. Sadly, my taste buds refused to enjoy the much better coffee. I only got halfway through before giving up my caffeine for the day.

It’s likely I’ll never get coffee from that sandwich shop again. Peddling bad Joe is a crime to humanity.


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